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Emily Peters


Cellphone: 1-812-595-2421

Price Information: 

William Wine "Bill"

This is Bill Wine with Bill Wine Photography. I have heard that the Voice Tribune is under new ownership and is looking for a freelance photographer.


I am a freelance event photographer with extensive event experience handling over 1,600 events since 2009. 


My clients over the years have included: The Voice Tribune, Sophisticated Living, Churchill Downs Magazine, Hosparus Health, Baptist Hospital Foundation, Harbor House, Heaven Hills Brands, Fund For The Arts,  Kids Center For Pediatric Therapies, American Heart Association, American Red Cross, Waterfront Botanical Gardens, York Management,Inc.and others. 


I am very interested in discussing this matter with you and would like to meet with you to discuss your opening.


My services include the following;


24- 48- hour turnaround post event

Images to be sent via dropbox


Names to be included


Invoices to be sent immediately after the event photography gallery is uploaded via dropbox


If requested, several images can be sent the day after the event for your immediate use



I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Thanks ever so much. 




Bill Wine Photography



Madeline Mullenbach



* Kathryn Harrington

* Jeff Nunn

* Amber Chalfin

Dr.Randy Whetstone Jr.


Cellphone: 1-812-595-2421

My name is Dr. Randy Whetstone, Jr. I was a contributing writer for The Voice for about five years (2013-2018). I covered predominantly high school sports, and had the chance to cover music and international travel.


I have an interest in writing and contributing again. 


Here are some writing topics I am interested in covering:

  • Education

  • Community Work and Engagement

  • Sports

  • Music

  • Travel

  • Lifestyle

  • Business

  • Opinion

I would love to know the vision for the company and what content you want covered. 


In addition, rates will vary based on need. 


Opinion piece: $150-$200 (dependant on word count)

Article (including reporting, i.e. gather quotes in the field, photos, etc.): $200-$300 (dependant on word count, story, and possible multimedia)


Also, might there be an interest in video, editing, photography, etc? If so, I am open to different multimedia approaches.


I would love to schedule a meeting to discuss in person or virtually. This would give me a good idea of your vision, content areas to cover, and expectations (how many articles, etc.) for potential writers. 


Let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 



Dr. Randy C. Whetstone Jr.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Organizational Leadership & Learning
Department of Educational Leadership, Evaluation, and Org. Development
University of Louisville


"Three things will last forever- faith, hope, and love -and the greatest of these is love."

Franey Miller

* 718-772-4768


* Past Clients include Anthropologie, New York Magazine, Wonderland Magazine, Mara Hoffman, Cynthia Rowley, Genius, Novembre Magazine, Stems Brooklyn, Refinery29, Beacon's Closet, Lirika Matoshi, & Nylon

* My name is Franey Miller and I'm a photographer based in New York. My website is


I grew up in Louisville and travel there frequently. I'd love to be considered to shoot for The Voice Tribune.

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